This season, we are focused on the Asia Model Festival, organized by the Korean Model Association and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports. It is the best and largest model festival in Asia.

Specifically, we will be participating in the 2017 Asia Model Festival to be held in Seoul, South Korea, in Spring 2017, and organizing the Face of Singapore where the models from the international city of Singapore will be joining in the event.

This is an absolutely gorgeous, grand and fantastic show, filled with glitz, glamor and awe. It is fun! Exciting! And colorful! Needless to say, watch the beautiful gals and guys from the Asian region strut their stuff and on the fashion runways in Seoul and Singapore.


Credits: Pictures from 2015 & 2016
Asia Model Festival, Seoul & Suwon.
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It's the prestigious model awards. If you have what it
takes, flaunt it. Show off the latest trends in fashion...

Asia Model Festival



Event: 2017 Asia Model Festival

  • Venue: Olympic Hall, Seoul Olympic Park, South Korea
  • Date: April, 2017

Face of Singapore is now an ongoing activity held in conjunction with the event. Join now!

Road to Seoul

Start here...
Before the actual event begins, a boot camp for the models will be held for training, mentoring, etc. Over 25 countries from Asia will be participating in this prestigious event. Organized by Korea Model Association, this is a colorful and exciting 3 day event.

Asia New Star Model Contest

Day 1
This is the first day event where all the young aspiring models from Asia will be participating to win the New Star Model Awards. Watch the fresh face contestants strut their stuff. This is a life changing event for them on the road to fame and stardom.

Asia 美 Festival

Day 2
This is a beauty and fashion show. The Chinese character 美 [Mi] says it all. This is an excellent event for beauty and cosmetics industry to showcase their products. You can expect a vibrant yet charming, and sometimes avant garde and futuristic show.

Asia Model Awards

Day 3
The final day of the event is where everything converges and brings out the best of the festival in a brilliant display of color, style and glamour. Luminaries from the model, beauty and entertainment industry will be there. It is a night of glittering stars from the...

Be Dazzled...

Take Your Breath Away
...constellations of KPop and Korean entertainment, and they have all descended to Seoul. Past VIPs include: Super Junior, Girls Generation, Song Joongki, 2PM, 4 Minute, Kim Soo Hyun, SISTAR, Lee Jong Suk... and from all over Asia: Jimmy Choo, Wu Chun...

It'z getting hot! &nd I'm gettin' dizzy... What
with all the celebrities and superstars around

I'm always keeping my cool...
I'm always keeping my cool...
Now you know why I am so cool...




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Song Joong Ki by
hr ::: Li Yifeng
Asian Model Festival by
Asian Model Festival by



KPop Stars Galore
At the Awards ceremony

Met them AfterSchool?

I was really very lucky!
I met them at the Asia Model Festival!

I'm in LO<3 with you!

Guys from Singapore
She's also a winner at the event

The Haladeen Miracles

Something BIG Coming!
Treasures from the Lamp

Most stunningly beautiful

The Anna Sui Beauty &
Fashion Show circa 2015

Cool & Cheerful Models

From Hong Kong & Macau
Looking good and happy!

Jimmy Choo & Lee Ki Woo

At the Awards ceremony
in the 2013 Asia Model Festival

KModels Showing Off their KTalents

Not only beautiful and handsome
They're performing, what else? KPop!


Our models form a great bonding and develop a great sense of camaraderie.

2017 Asia Model Festival, Seoul, South Korea Is Supported By

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